Just recently I joined a new project with a big company who I would have thought had their design process already in place, but no. Just as many others (or most of them) they’re missing one big important part that everyone hates doing (not me) and that is documentation.

Be honest, besides your design, what other thing do you deliver to your Eng team to start developing the product? Probably not much, and I get it, it’s tedious and boring.

Now place yourself on the other side, if you were to develop a product (I mean code and everything), what…

In life, I’ve sometimes seen features in products or UI elements in designs that I really find to be implemented beautifully and so smooth that I immediately have to take a screenshot and save it in my Ideas folder. Then I can go back to find inspiration for solving similar issues or problems at work.

A piece of good advice I can give to designers, entrepreneurs, or anyone in general, is to keep track of nice solutions you find. Just take a screenshot, name it with the idea, and save it in your Ideas folder. You can go back to…

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How many times a day have you opened Facebook because you had X notifications? How many were actually notifications that you cared about? Today I woke up with 16 of them! Out of the 16 none of them were of someone interacting with me, they were garbage notifications to try (better succeed) and lure me into opening the damn app that I’ve been meaning to delete for I don’t even remember how long, but this is another issue, let’s re-focus. I bet you are in the same position as me, and honestly, most of us are, that’s because Facebook is…

Hace poco, durante el último año específicamente, he estado diseñando una parte de branding debido a los proyectos en que he participado, mayormente side projects. Digamos que me he dedicado a crear lo mínimo que necesitaría una startup para arrancar allá afuera, incluyendo desde look & feel, colour palette, fonts,logo, social media covers, media/press kits, sitio web, favicon and meta images, también keywords, long-tail keywords, title and meta description (pero estos últimos es para SEO y eso vendrá en otro post).

Me encantaría compartir algunos ejemplos y su rationale que llevan por detrás del resultado final. Quiero agregar que yo…

Para la gente que me conoce esto no es novedad, pero a mí me gusta crear proyectos, desde antes de graduarme he estado emprendiendo y es una parte esencial de mi vida. He creado muchos proyectos desde cero, no todos han visto la luz del día pero en todos he trabajado arduamente. Aquí comparto mi proceso y las actividades en que trabajo para poder lanzar una nueva idea o emprendimiento.

El problema

Cuando se me ocurre una idea es normalmente porque me encontré con un problema que no está siendo resuelto allá afuera. Uno de mis hobbies es cocinar, desde 2018 he…

Marisol Vázquez, MS

Tech Product Manager, Entrepreneur, Creator of @JoinSalons

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